No Cameras Please

ImageIt’s your wedding day. You’ve found the love of your life and you are about to embark on the most exciting adventure of your life. You have spend many months preparing for this wonderful day. Everyone is in their places and this amazing journey is about to begin. Just as the bride is walking down the isle, your guests pull out their cell phones, iPads, and their own cameras to snap a shot of the beautiful bride. What your guests fail to remember is their cameras and mobile devices all fire a flash. This will destroy the image your professional photographer is attempting to take. The photographer has set his/her camera settings for the correct exposure to capture this special moment. When another bright flash is introduced, the photographers image will be over exposed. There’s no amount of editing that can correct the image.

When I am photographing a bride walking down the isle,  part of the image that I am attempting to capture, is the reaction of the guests seeing the bride for the first time. When the guests all have cameras or cell phones also taking pictures, the facial expressions of the guests are lost only to be replaced with cell phones.

This can be avoided by informing your guests before the wedding date that you have requested no cell phone, iPad or personal camera pictures during the ceremony. Your guests are more than welcome to take as many pictures as they like before or after the ceremony and at the reception.